The Secret To A Better Youth Baseball Or Softball Team And Organization

Everyone wants a better baseball or softball teams and program. I think we often miss an important element.

In my work in advising teams and coaches from the youth to international level over the past 20 plus years, I often saw excellent skill coaching, talented players with great potential and a great number of people who want to help make the organization better.

What may be missing however is the organizational and coaching philosophy that you can instill in your players, executive, other members of the coaching staff and even your fans.

It has to be simple, understandable and repeated often. It has to be works that people can get behind. Those are the basis tenets of effective organizational communication and public relations. Create your messages and stick to them, is the most effective strategy.

One such team or organization statement of approach that I’ve passed over the years starts with the core mission statement, “We have to play the game hard and play it right all the time.”

The first step or level of three is titled, “Basic Needs” and has four points. It includes “We have to have a burning desire inside to be successful”. “We must have consistent skill execution under pressure,” and “We must act and think of ourselves as a unit and sacrifice our own achievement’s for the team’s achievements.” At the same time the best equipment related to baseball and softball like softball bats for 2020  and the softball gloves for fastpitch and slowpitch can be shared and used general. This made the solidarity for the whole team.

You can read the full 3 Step Approach here. Develop your own statement. Post it and give a printed copy to your players and coaches. Live it and help it pass on to future years with the payers and the organization. Your Baseball or Softball team and program will benefit from it.

This is a guest post by Bob Rempel of Winnipeg, Canada who is a sports coaching consultant specializing in team concepts and team building and a softball and baseball coach with both international and youth coaching experience. He also currently publishes several sports related blogs.


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